5 Trends in Digital Marketing you NEED to know

Every day there are new trends to the online marketing world. These trends have a significant impact on digital marketers. It is essential to recognise these trends as soon as possible and to adapt your strategies accordingly. Here we have discussed the five latest trends in digital marketing:

  1. Featured Snippets

If you’ve visited Google recently, you would have noticed that Google is answering the users’ queries right on the SERPs (search engine result pages). You ask a question and Google answers in the SERP. You can ask any question, and Google will provide the answer right in the search engine result page. Search engines are improving their efficiency by providing answers, rather than directing users to web sites. These results are known as the featured snippet. These featured snippets have a summarised answer to our query and the URL of the page. It is expected to see a rise in the number of searches that contain a featured snippet and Google is working with new formats for the featured snippets.

  1. On-SERP SEO

Snippet search results will increase; while the number of no-click searches is also growing. These are the searches when a user does a search but does not click through to a site. In response to this, digital marketers need to implement SEO strategies to display their content on the SERPs. On-SERP SEO focuses on the optimisation of the digital content for Google’s snippet aiming to dominate the top spot. Digital marketers that are successful in claiming this spot will notice a lift in their brand recognition. By adding a compelling message they searcher will click through to their website.

  1. Personalised video marketing

Videos are the top priority for all digital marketers. Digital marketers are working on adding personalised videos to their digital marketing strategies, team structures and marketing budgets for 2019. This fantastic idea of engaging the customers with targeted, exclusive content personalised to them is proving to be attractive and highly effective. Personalised video is any video that relevant and customised to every one of your client’s groups, be it customers, prospects, or influencers. Assuming that, there are as many methods of personalising videos as there are marketers, audiences and brands.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

As the voice search technology is becoming more versatile and accurate, users are starting to realise the benefits of using voice search. One example being, you are in the kitchen, and you need to see some recipe, but, your hands are wet. It is likewise a popular hands-free method to find an address while you are driving. Moreover, nearly everyone can ask a question faster than they can type it, mainly if they are using a mobile phone. While people are still getting to grips with the advantages of voice search, companies are working flat out to adapt their strategies to take full advantage of Voice Search. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, now an excellent time to get VSO ready.

  1. Digital Privacy

We all know that digital privacy has been a very heated discussion in recent times. Facebook’s continuing problems with the privacy of data and the effect it’s having appears to be reaching a tipping point. We expect to see Facebook and other technology giants to work under some law very soon, to improve the data privacy of the consumers. It doesn’t matter how these issues end. There is no doubt that the privacy of data will continue to be a significant focus for digital marketers. Organisations and brands that fail to take the privacy of customer’s data seriously will end up being the biggest loser.

Bottom Line

The problem with making predictions like these. Things change rapidly, and in a few days, there may be a set of brand spanking new hot trends in digital marketing. So how do we as Digital Marketing agencies stay up to date? Research, testing and creating with what we know works now while staying on top of changes.

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